List of events

8 December 2017: Global Stakeholder Forum

Following the four meetings on African, Asian, European & North American and Latin American meetings,  a high-level forum will be hosted by ERF and its partner in Geneva, as a ‘wrap-up’ meeting to collate the recommendations of the Global North and the Global South.

As a concluding meeting of the series of ERF consultative meetings in 2017, participants from the three regional meetings and those representing European and North American institutions will be invited to strengthen north-south collaborations in the pursuit of balanced and inclusive education. The findings of this meeting will be made available as resources to participating organisations to foster greater international cooperation opportunities for academic research and policy uptake. 


The Meeting has three main objectives:

  • Acknowledge the regional stakeholders meeting jointly organised in 2017 by the Education Relief Foundation (ERF) and its partners namely the Southeast Asian Ministers of Education Organisation (SEAMEO), the Nigerian Academy of Science, the Centre for Applied Linguistics (CAL) and (, as global contributions to moving SDG4 forward in Southeast Asia, Latin America, Africa, and the Global North.
  • Endorse recommendations collated from the regional stakeholders meeting on young people’s development through balanced and inclusive education in the context of the rapidly developing socio-cultural and economic environment and adequate training of teachers in balanced and inclusive education pedagogies to support culturally responsive school environments.
  • Endorse the need for developing a global guide for ethics, principles, policies and practice for the delivery and uptake of balanced and inclusive education based on intraculturalism, transdisciplinarity, dialecticism and contextuality (ERF’s four pillars of balanced and inclusive education).