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26 November 2018: ERF Forum BIE2030

Education experts and stakeholders will meet in November 2018

From Consultations to Action : Towards a Universal Declaration on Balanced and Inclusive Education 

During 2017, ERF in cooperation with its partners, held four Regional meetings for African, Asian, European & North American as well as Latin American consultations on Balanced and Inclusive Education (BIE). 

The main focus of these meetings was to foster greater international cooperation opportunities for academic research and policy uptake for the advancement of SDG4.7c. 

Since then, on 8th December 2017, ERF hosted Forum BIE2030 at the United Nations in Geneva. The meeting gave the occasion to numerous stakeholders to express their views on BIE and best practices, as well as take note of the recommnedations which resulted from ERF's 2017 Regional Stakeholders Meeting for BIE. 

The Forum concluded with an endorsement session by the stakeholders present (International organistations, academic bodies, country ambassadors to the UNOG, ministries of education, private sector companies) of the necessity to develop a global guide for ethics, principles, policies and practices on BIE. 

Forum BIE2030 of December 8th 2017 at the United Nations has given ERF a strong basis and historic mandate for the development of a global guide as well as a measuremnt tool for the achievement of the targets of BIE. 

ERF is channeling the broad consensus built during the 2017 Forum BIE2030 at the UN venue in Geneva, towards a true concretisation of the goals of SDG4.7c through ERF's Four Pillars of BIE. In view of this, ERF is hosting its International Conference for the launch of a Declaration on Balanced and Inclusive Education during the last week of November this year.  


SAVE THE DATE : 26-30 November 2018 

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