Community Engagement

Our Shared Society, Geneva



This project comprises of a series of short education workshops for residents of the Hospice Général Asylum Seeker Centre in Geneva, Switzerland aged between 16-19 and residing in Geneva since less than a year. According to local Swiss sources, more than 935 people had arrived in Switzerland until December 2016 counting more than 64 Syrian refugees from Lebanon welcomed as part of the UN Refugee Agency's relocation programme. 

This area of focus of ERF is an aspirational, and inspirational arm of its activities to encourage the spirit of global citizenship. 

ERF works with project coordinators at the Hospice Général Asylum Seeker Centre in Geneva to deliver a project that will complement the framework prepared for the youth residing at the centre to help them a smoother transition into Swiss Society. 

The objectives of the project are to: 

  1. Enhance Community Cohesion: The young people are assisted to understand and respect their own cultural heritage and acknowledge the contribution of other cultures for constructing an inclusive identity.
  2. Inspire Young Learners: The young people are encouraged to learn and study for progression to further and higher education. 
  3. Promote a Counter Narrative: An imbalanced perception of society and its culture may cause problems of identity. This inclusive and balanced programme will help safeguard young people from being coaxed towards behaviour incompatible with the spirit of global citizenship.