ERF works to bring together experts from north and the south to facilitate the sharing of experience and to build sustainable south-north links and cooperation in education systems.

We invite academic institutions, funding agencies, civil society, research bodies, governmental organisations, the private sector, non-profits and many others who seek to work with us to promote and to embed balanced and inclusive education to contact us.


We create synergy amongst our stakeholders and design partnerships for action.

There are 5 particular types of partnership that ERF welcomes in its work agenda:


  1. International Agencies: For strategic relationships with global agencies that have a broad interest in ERF’s objectives.
  2. Education Funders:  For strategic long-term relationships with Education Trusts and Foundations as a specialist curriculum partner.
  3. National Organisations and Charitable Development/ Education networks: For connections with nationally based cultural/ educational promoters and networks of decision makers who can promote the ERF  message.
  4. Content Providers: For ensuring a supply of quality inclusive and balanced educational content and teaching material.
  5. Delivery Partners: ERF’s business case is based on working directly with education systems. ERF seeks to build partnerships with governments, curriculum custodians and major providers of school education.