There is a heightened awareness for the need of adapting training techniques, tools and methodologies to an identified target audience in order to reach cost-effectiveness and impact-oriented results of studies and projects. The purpose of the ERF Training of Trainers (ToT) Programme is to support and strengthen local initiatives on Balanced and Inclusive Education. This effort is particularly appropriate in the current context because the piloting of pedagogy, content and curriculum is a process that requires alignement with the national priorities towards achieving global citizenship education.


ERF offers its expertise in training of trainers with its partners to deliver field based projects. 

The efficacy of trainings delivered to teachers depends for a large part on:

  1. The capacity of the master trainer to take ownership and assimilate the key messages of the trainings.
  2. Implementation of the training as provided in the training package.
  3. Active participation of trainees.

For these reasons, it is necessary to accompany the trainers ahead of the trainings to implement the trainings with an appropriately adapted ToT programme.


At ERF we provide expertise in overseeing the development of training activities (distance learning, face-to-face, blended learning); coordinating activities and personnel for delivering trainings in support of balanced and inclusive education curriculum, and designing and developing projects to support collaborative activities for field based work. 


ERF’ s ToT is implemented in two phases:


Phase I : Prior to planning a course, in consultation with local stakeholders our team performs an actual performance and knowledge test against a set of standards. ERF gives a strong emphasis to perform this assessment with the local decision makers. The analysis gathers information on the needs of the trainers to complete their skills and needed resources (content, methodology) to complement the knowledge and skills of the trainers in delivering balanced and inclusive education.



Phase II : Depending on the identified needs, ERF designs tailored modules by involving the pre-selected master trainers in all decision-making steps of the design of the training. This programme has been specifically put in place to work with individuals who are responsible for making a change at the grass-roots and to provide them the resources with which they can make the impactful change.