Juan Manuel Martínez García


Juan Manuel Martínez García

Senior Advisor to the President

Juan Manuel Martínez García has worked in the education sector for over 20 years, mainly in Mexico. He collaborated in two curricular reform projects in basic public education, and was responsible for organising the design, development and implementation of two crucial National Bills codifying the National English Programme and the Curricular Autonomy of Schools. He also coordinated advisors at the Basic Public Education Vice-Ministry, and was appointed General Director of Education Materials and Curricular Development on two occasions.

Mr Martínez’s last civil service position was as sectorial coordinator of basic education, an area responsible for organising, distributing and monitoring the national budget expenditure of Mexican public schools. In his formal education, Mr Martínez holds a PhD in Statistics Applied to Social Phenomenon, and a Master’s in Education and Psychology. Furthermore, he was a professor in primary schools, Universities and Schools for Initial and Continued Training of basic education teachers.
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