The International Call on Balanced and Inclusive Education (ICBIE)

On 22 November 2018, in the context of the II ForumBIE 2030, representatives of Ministries of Education, International Agencies, Academic Bodies, and Civil Society Organisations convened in Mexico City to sign the International Call on Balanced and Inclusive Education (ICBIE), based upon the Global Guide of Ethics, Principles, Policies, and Practices in Balanced and Inclusive Education (Global Guide) which was launched on 21 November. An expression of a collective aspiration for the realisation of Balanced and Inclusive Education for all, the signatories called for the research, development and implementation of Balanced and Inclusive Education globally. A historic document, the ICBIE is a testament to the inevitable necessity of confederating efforts to face our common challenges and answer our collective aspirations.

Resolving to reconvene in 18 to 24 months, the signatories have mandated the Education Relief Foundation (ERF) to ensure the piloting and contextualisation of the Global Guide with the relevant international, national and local stakeholders, and draft – through consultation meetings with the signatories – the Universal Declaration for Balanced and Inclusive Education, to be signed at the III ForumBIE 2030.

To this end, the ICBIE has provided a broad, international framework for cooperation and partnerships in Balanced and Inclusive Education, bringing the world a concrete, unambiguous step closer to justice, equity, and sustainability.

The International Call on Balanced and Inclusive Education (ICBIE)
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