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ERF and IPACC Announce Cooperation Agreement

The Education Relief Foundation (ERF) and the Indigenous Peoples of Africa Co-ordinating Committee (IPACC) have concluded a Memorandum of Understanding committing the two parties to support each other’s shared objectives and interests.

The organisations will engage in ongoing collaboration, mutual consultation, and will contribute to each other’s events. For IPACC, spreading the use of Balanced and Inclusive Education concepts and principles to their partners, through their network, will be a key outcome of this partnership.

ERF values the unique perspective provided by indigenous peoples’ organisations on what is needed to achieve Balance and Inclusivity, making partnership with IPACC and its network an important part of the ERF mission.

IPACC is a network of 135 indigenous peoples’ organisations in 20 African countries. It is a membership organisation, in which those members elect an Executive Committee representing six geographic and cultural regions in Africa, including a special regional representative of indigenous women. Membership is open to any legitimate organisation run by African Indigenous peoples for the promotion of Indigenous peoples’ rights and welfare.